3-Pack of 90-Minute Sessions - $330

​Three 90-minute custom massage sessions at a discounted rate

60 minutes

Deep Tissue

New Client 60-Minute Custom Massage - $70

​A 60-minute custom massage session for first time clients. 

Incorporates long, flowing, light to medium pressure strokes to aid in circulation, relaxation, reducing pain, relieving tension, joint stiffness, and improving overall functions of the body while creating a sense of well being.

60-Minute Custom Massage - $85 

A 60-minute custom massage for those clients who have already taken advantage of our new client pricing.

3-Pack of 60-Minute Sessions - $240

Three 60-minute custom massage sessions at a discounted rate

90 minutes


A slower but deeper pressure modality that is designed and strategically incorporated to manipulate the deeper muscles and connective tissues. It is a renowned therapy that aids in range of motion, decreasing inflammation, improving circulation, and relief from chronic muscle pain. It is particularly beneficial for those who prefer a lot of pressure and it is one of the most sought after treatments at our location.

6-Pack of 90-Minute Sessions - $630

Six 90-minute custom massage sessions at an even bigger discounted price! This is our most popular 90-minute package!

12-Pack of 90-Minute Sessions - $1145

Twelve 90-minute custom massage sessions at our biggest discounted rate! This package is the SUPER SAVER for those clients that prefer 90-minute sessions!

This technique involves applying gentle sustained pressure to stretch the fascia(the connective tissue surrounding our muscles) in order to release fascial blockages and restrictions, free up muscles to create greater flexibility, reduce pain, and increase immune function.

6-Pack of 60-Minute Sessions - $450

Six 60-minute custom massage sessions at an even bigger discounted price! This is our most popular 60-minute package! 


12-Pack of 60-Minute Sessions - $840

Twelve 60-minute custom massage sessions at our biggest discounted rate. This package is the SUPER SAVER!

90-Minute Custom Massage - $115

A 90-minute custom massage for those clients who have already taken advantage of our new client pricing. 

Massage Services

​Myofascial Release

*All 60 and 90 minute sessions include a FULL 60 or 90 minutes of hands-on bodywork. Unlike our competitors, we DO NOT deduct time out of your session for you to undress/redress. Instead, we automatically include ample time for you to undress/redress in our scheduling.


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Most commonly performed on athletes, this modality incorporates a variety of strokes and techniques which help reduce muscle tension, reduce muscle hypertonicity, increase range of motion, improve soft tissue function, reduce swelling and decrease muscle stiffness and fatigue while speeding up muscle recovery time due to overexertion.

The premier location for Deep Tissue, Sports, and Myofascial Release massage services in Warrenton, Virginia

New Client 90-Minute Custom Massage - $100

A 90-minute custom massage session for first time clients.

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Therapeutic Massage

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